Privacy Policy


  1. The Provider controls the personal data referred to in 4 paragraph 7 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (hereinafter also “GDPR” on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data in relation to the purchaser and the Provider in relation to the consignor and the consignee, If it is not the same entity.
  2. The Client agrees that the Provider shall process, collect and store the personal data of the Client as specified in the contract, possibly obtained from other related sources with mutual consent, and other personal data necessary for the provision of freight forwarding services. This personal data will be processed and stored by the Provider for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations under the forwarding contract and for filing purposes. Personal data means, in particular:
    1. Client’s details: first and last name, home address, bank account details, e-mail address, telephone number.
    2. Company’s details: Name and surname of the contact person(s) at the company, telephone number of the contact person(s), e-mail address of contact person(s), company name, invoicing address, company registration number, company VAT registration number, company bank account details.
  3. The Client undertakes to ensure the consent of all persons involved in the business relationship between the Provider and the Client – in particular, the Sender and the Addressee – with the reference to processing of personal data.
  4. The Client agrees to the provision of such personal data to third parties. Personal data will be processed eitherin electronic format in an automated manner, or in printed or written format in a non-automated manner.
  5. The rights and obligations of the parties involved in the processing of the personal data of the Senders and Recipients are governed by the Personal Data Protection Agreement 
  6. The provision of the personal data of persons intending to enter into a contract with the Provider is voluntary. However, their provision is conditional upon the conclusion of a contractual relationship and the fulfilment of the Provider’s obligations under this contractual relationship.
  7. The Client acknowledges that he or she is obliged to state that the personal data (in the user account when registering and when ordering from the Web interface of the store) is true and correct and that the Client is obliged to inform the Provider of the any changes in personal data. The Client confirms that it has been instructed that the provision of data is voluntary.
  8. The Provider is not responsible for the accuracy or honesty of the information that registered users place on their websites. The Provider is also not responsible for the accuracy or honesty of the information provided by the web portals on which the links to the Provider’s web portals are located.
  9. The Client is responsible for the consequences and damages arising from any misuse of access privileges and passwords in the order system. The Provider establishes these approaches for persons authorised under the contract or authorized by the Client. The Client is obliged to take the necessary measures on his or her part against such misuse.
  10. The Client agrees that the Provider shall record the calls made to the Provider’s Customer Care lines for the purpose of improving the quality of the services provided, or for the purpose of providing proof of the contents of telephonic orders in the future, if deemed necessary.

B. Storing Cookies, Traffic Monitoring traffic and User Accounts

  1. The Client agrees to the storage of cookies on his or her personal computer. Storing cookies does not personally identify the Client. Ordering may exclude the storage of cookies in your Internet browser. However, this will result in limited functionality of the Provider’s web portal.
  2. The Provider’s website is used by Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google. This program is used to monitor and generate traffic statistics for the Provider’s website. Google Analytics works on the principle of storing cookies. Cookies are used to store data related to the visit and the use of the website (including the IP address). This data is used to improve the Provider’s services to its Clients.
  3. The website also uses cookies to identify the user in the Provider’s affiliate program.
  4. Backing up user data (e.g. login passwords) is required for the proper use of the Provider’s website. The user information includes access information (IP address, date, time, page viewed) that is stored when the user visits the web portal. This data will remain anonymous and will be evaluated purely for statistical purposes. These statistics are used to improve the quality of the Provider’s services. This data is not transferred to a third party for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The user data is backed up for twelve (12) months.