OMG! So sorry about that, please contact our helpline on WhatsApp +27 67 643 4591, and we will correct this as soon as possible and try to deliver within still the scheduled drop off time at no additional cost to you. However, please remember we have a cut off time of 10 am, so if your order came in after 10 am, it would only be scheduled for the next business day.
We can’t escape crime in SA, and unfortunately, courier cars are targeted more and more every day. Drop Off offers a parcel protection product against damage and theft as an additional service to our clients at a fee of R9 to cover any value under R10000. To take out cover, add the value of the contents of your parcel in the “PROTECTION” field when pulling a quote. Please also ensure that thepackaging guidelines are followed when packaging your parcel, as damage caused by insufficient packaging may result in a claim being denied. Taking photographs of the item you’re shipping (at all angles) before and after packaging would be invaluable to the investigation should a claim be made.
Please refer to our No-No list. The sender is responsible for the contents of the parcel. And issues with parcels will be taken up with the sender.
We allow spices and condiments to be couriered; however, fresh food requiring temperature control does not drop off due to spoilage.
Flowers are very sensitive to temperature, so if they sit in a car all day, they may wilt just a little or the awkward vase shapes may tip over and break. It’s challenging to ensure flowers arrive as fresh as they were, and we would hate to mess up the florist’s reputation or disappoint the recipient.
They pop if they get too hot or you fiddle too much with them. Everyone is upset when balloons pop. And we want our clients to be happy.
Yes, provided that the fragile goods are packaged securely. The parcel must be labelled on all sides with the word “fragile.” It is also important to let the Drop Off driver know when they arrive to collect.
You can only claim for loss or damage to the value of the contents of your parcel if you have taken out protection with drop-off couriers when booking your parcel. Please send your claim enquiry to All paperwork will be sent through from there. Please note, a claim can take up to 21 working days to process and conclude. Then an additional seven working days to payout once concluded.
We offer a flat rate to our clients, as we realised a big “hassle” with deliveries is not knowing how much exactly you would be charged, which affects your clients. It’s just a ripple effect. The last-mile courier will never be super simple, but where it can be, we will make it that way. All while trying to be the most cost-effective for our clients and hoping we get high volumes!
Cost and volume. When we started, we delivered to the entire Gauteng, but we realised that the outlying areas sometimes only had 1 or 2 parcels per day. Those areas were starting to make us lose the little money we were making with escalating petrol costs. Volume is how we make money. The more parcels we have in an area, the area or route is profitable, so if you push 10 parcels more in an isolated area, give us a shout!
Unfortunately not. Crime is way too high for this at the moment.
Order directly on our website ( Once you have filled in the order details, we will offer you prices based on time frame or cost, whatever is important to you. Once you make your selection, you will be able to pay online. One of our awesome drivers will collect the parcel/s from the specified address. From the collection, you will be able to track the parcel. The package is then delivered to the address that you have filed.
If you have given us an email address, you will be able to get tracking updates for the entirety of the parcel’s journey. If you need a POD, we can email one to you. Just email your tracking number, and we will send it to you.
Yes, all prices are final. Our smart algorithm calculates all the applicable surcharges and shows the final shipping price. You pay the shipping fee in advance on our site you don’t pay anything to the driver. The only instances where this may not apply are as follows: You under-declare the weight and dimensions of your parcel (i.e. it’s a lot heavier and bigger than claimed, pushing it into a higher price bracket). A special request is made for a collection or delivery that falls outside of regular hours or area. When the location(s) is a high risk or remote area, inside a shopping centre, on a farm or game farm, university or an embassy or consulate, this is because the drop-off or collection will take longer than an ordinary drop or collection. Please note, we may refund this order. Tender deliveries ( which we don’t do)In such cases, Drop Off will get in touch with you to rebill you for the difference or offer you a coupon if your order is cancelled.
Our service is designed for everyone; individuals, retailers and businesses. Whether you have 1 parcel a week, or 50 parcels a day. Most of our retail customers are individuals who bring packages to the post office or a drop-off point. It’s so easy to fill in the details and order on our website and pay the shipping fee online then all you need to do is prepare your parcel for shipment and give it to the courier driver that comes to the chosen collection address (typically the home or office address).
Unfortunately, yes. If we have had some issues with some of your previous orders, or you have been rude or inconsolable, rather than continue to stress you out, we feel it’s better to let the relationship instead go. We feel it’s completely valid to be upset or frustrated about a parcel, for whatever reason. That’s valid, and we’re probably just as upset and working our hardest to rectify the situation. However, this is no reason to be rude or abusive to our team members, from the office staff to drivers.
Yes, have a look at our pricing. We also have a shipping calculator to get your parcel size just right for an accurate costing.
Yes, we can work on a specific price list for your account; based on your items, you can order your specifications. Easy peasy.
You sure can! We can offer better rates based on volume. The more parcels you send, the cheaper rate we can offer you. To discuss a better rate, contact
We will bill you for the difference if the parcel is bigger or the number of parcels is incorrect. Also, the parcels will not be delivered until the difference is settled. If the parcel is smaller, we will credit you the difference to use on your next parcel.
Please contact 067 643 4591 on WhatsApp to check if your order came through; if it did, they would send you banking details to pay for your order. Please do not use this as an excuse not to book online. Due to a non-secure internet connection, the pay gate won’t allow you to make your payment for your security.
We will send you a booking confirmation mail.
We have tried this before, but when our drivers are even 10 minutes late for the eta, clients are more annoyed and frustrated than understanding. Furthermore, if the drivers encounter any delays on the road, they have the liberty to change their route to what they think will work best. All kinds of fun things can happen on the road that can cause delays, load shedding, accidents, road closures, protests, you know, fun stuff like that. Our guys will always call you when they are not too far, and we are trying to figure out a way to be better at this, and once we nail it, we’ll be sure to give you an eta.
To help manage expectations. Without a cut-off, clients book at 4 pm and still expect a collection that same day, and sometimes it’s just not possible. If we can collect your parcel sooner than scheduled, we will do so, because the faster, the better right?
We are a courier service and not a direct delivery service. A direct delivery service, like uber, for example, costs more because they do one delivery at a time, from collection directly to the drop off destination. Whereas we are a courier, we charge much less because we make stops for collections and drop-offs along the way, which allows us to keep the cost low for you.
You sure can, and please see our address here. Please make sure to contact +27 67 643 4591 to confirm availability.
You sure can; specify how many parcels are going with the one order and the sizes of each parcel to get accurate billing. Yes, we charge per parcel.
The delivery driver contacts the recipient/shipper on the provided phone number to relay delivery time information. If calls or texts remain unanswered, the information is then sent via email. Or the delivery/collection is rescheduled. Drivers might need a code for the estate, or you may have special instructions for the driver, perhaps to avoid the dogs or not wake a sleeping baby.
You can still estimate your parcel’s weight without scales. We have a cute little calculator thingy ma bob that you can use (add link)
The system will email the sender the waybill once a successful payment has been made. Alternatively, you can log in to your account and print the waybill directly from the orders list. Click on Options -> Print Waybill. It’s great to print a waybill for your parcel, but if you can’t, it’s no biggie; our drivers will have waybills on them.
Yes! Life happens. Contact anytime to cancel or change your order. For faster identification of your shipment, please have your order number or tracking number ready. If the shipment still hasn’t been picked up, we will cancel your order and refund your payment or issue a coupon. If the parcel has already been collected, we will return the parcel to the sender (in this case, we are unable to issue a refund).
Contact or +27 67 643 4591 via WhatsApp to check if we might have missed your area by mistake. Please do not book using the nearest area that is listed. We might not cover that area for many different reasons; we will confirm if we cover it.
A properly packed parcel that is ready for the courier meets the following requirements: Contents are secure and protected .All lids and holes are secured in such a manner that they cannot be opened easily. Empty spaces between the inside of the box and the contents are filled in. The shrink wrap is not shrunk with printouts over it. Is not tied. All old shipping labels are removed from used boxes.
Yes. The package has to be packed in such a manner that its contents are protected against damage. Claims on incorrectly packaged parcels that get damaged will be rejected.
This is a human handled phone. The human may be busy with something, but you are a high priority to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also email the correct address for any enquiries. Thanks a mill for your patience.