Whether you’re a transport company looking to fill a truck, car or scooter, or a regular Thabo keen to make some money from your car, Drop Off couriers is for you.

Whatever you drive, know that our clients are eagerly awaiting your arrival. It’s as if Christmas comes every single day! As a Drop Off driver, you are the face of Drop Off Couriers on the roads, driveways and doorsteps. This is a job that comes with great responsibility, as parcels have to be delivered fast, safe, and on-time to the correct address.

Drop Off specialises in “the last mile,” business direct to consumer delivery. The last mile is often seen as the most difficult part of logistics due to the effort of minimising cost (for client, driver and courier company), ensuring transparency, increasing efficiency, and improving infrastructure and communication channels.

As a driver, you are a big part of the chain in making this whole chain work. Still keen to get involved? Definitely right?!

Let's Talk Numbers

  1. You are paid per collection and per drop off, not PER PARCEL.
  2. R30 – R40 per collection or drop off, meaning if you get to a client and collect 4 parcels, you will only be paid for the collection, not for the number of parcels.
  3. There’s no guarantee on how many parcels you will get allocated per day.
  4. Ranges from 10 – 30 parcels a day.
  5. There’s no guarantee on which route you will get, It might be part of Pretoria, it might be the east rand, might be Soweto, there’s really no way to predetermine which route you will get. And to be fair, we rotate the routes amongst the drivers so that everyone, learns every route, so that should we find ourselves under pressure, everyone knows everywhere.
  6. We are growing every month, our drivers started out doing 5 parcels a day, and now sometimes have 30 or just over 30 a day. The aim is to get drivers doing 50 odd parcels a day in a smaller area radius. For example 50 parcels in Sandton and Randburg, wow! Can’t wait!
  7. Our lowest-earning driver earned just under 12k, and our highest earner was just over 18k, both worked an average of 4-6 days a week.
  8. Petrol, airtime and data are your own cost to manage.
  9. There are no advances.
  10. You are paid on the last day of the month.

The Kind of People We Are and Hire

  1. We have at least one monthly meeting.
  2. We’re a happy bunch of people, The owners Ntombi and Neo are really nice people.
  3. We believe in people first, so we really try and make sure that our drivers are happy and making money.
  4. Nice people attract nice people, and as such our clients are also really very nice.
  5. Open door policy, because we are still pretty new to this, we have an open-door policy, we include our drivers in a lot of decisions and also if there is anything to discuss, privately, or that affects the entire group, our door is always open.
  6. Approach is everything, everything can be handled, but how you approach a situation dictates the outcome.

Become a Driver Partner You Must Have

  1. Own smartphone required with android V6 or higher for the delivery app & GPS.
  2. Your own scooter, motorbike or light vehicle, or van (panel van, or flat back van with a canopy or sail)
  3. ID.
  4. Valid Drivers Licence.
  5. Proof of Address.
  6. Proof of Bank details, money gets paid into accounts and not via wallet.
  7. Vehicle registration form, valid disc.
  8. Clear criminal record.

You will need to upload the following

  1. Valid licence
  2. Valid car disc

The rest of the items will be submitted when you come in for your interview.

Become a Driver

Become a Driver

Next of Kin Details


Medical Information

Vehicle Information

Is The Car In Your Name?
Maximum upload size: 33.55MB

Work History

Please list 2 places, positions and reference contacts.

Important Notice

• All deliveries must be done timelessly
• Must have pictures
• Must have signatures
• Must be communicated with dispatch


By filling in this form and sending it to us, you agree to a criminal, credit and reference check.